Coming Together

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YNCC is excited to share that our two campuses are coming together to start a new journey!  Our YNCC leadership is fully convinced that God is up to something great during this season of change and that God is calling us to take a bold step of faith and leave the Broadway campus to find a new future as a church.

While this is a very pivotal time for our church, we believe this brings us an incredibly unique opportunity for us to pursue God’s calling for our congregation in a way we have never done before. Just imagine what our church can be and should be as we fulfill God’s mission for our generation and the generations to come! 

After much prayer and fasting, our YNCC leadership came to agree that at this defining moment of our church, we need to bring our two campuses (Broadway and Jefferson) together as one to begin this new journey.  We firmly believe that we are stronger together. With that, we believe it would be best to bring the two campuses together to begin our new journey at the Jefferson Campus.  

We understand that there are many questions you may have regarding this move and will attempt to address them below in our FAQ section.  If you have any other questions or concerns that are not addressed below, please email us at We also want to encourage you to subscribe to our email list above to get timely updates about this transition.

We are so thankful for all the wonderful things that God has done at our Broadway Campus and are excited about the many great things God will continue to do through YNCC as we come together at the Jefferson Campus!




How many people are coming?

It’s hard to put an exact number on it.  We do know that after the expansion, the Jefferson facility can easily accommodate both campuses with room to grow.  We plan to make the move in phases so the Jefferson Campus does not feel overwhelmed.



How did you make the decision to come together?

Once it was decided that we would leave the Broadway Campus, the Session discussed all of the options regarding both campuses.  Those included leaving Jefferson as a multi-site, releasing Jefferson, and uniting Broadway and Jefferson.  After much discussion, prayer and fasting, the Session leadership unanimously agreed that at this defining moment of our church, we need to bring Broadway and Jefferson together as one to begin this new journey.  We firmly believe that we are stronger together as one body.


How are we preparing for coming together?

We are focusing on 3 areas to prepare for the move: People, Facilities, and Ministry. First, we want to make sure our people are ready. Members from both campuses need to be spiritually and emotionally prepared so that our hearts would be ready to come together at the Jefferson Campus and grow together as one. Second, although the Jefferson Campus is more than able to accommodate all of YNCC, we are expanding the Jefferson facility to make it even more inviting for all who will enter our doors. Lastly, we are working closely together with the Broadway leadership to develop our ministry plans so that each ministry would transition well.


How can the people at Jefferson Campus help?

First, pray fervently.  We need all the prayer we can get!  Second, be ready to welcome and include all the YNCC members from the Broadway Campus and new visitors.  It will be a completely new environment for them and as Jefferson attendees, you have a great opportunity to help them feel at home.  Third, consider serving!  With more people coming to Jefferson Campus there will be more people to serve.  From Sunday Experience to Education ministries, every ministry will need some extra support.  To start serving, please email